sooo @emilyreo and i are in this month’s issue of the fader with an interview re: utourpia + community arts spaces. it’s the first time that either of us have been in a *big* magazine, cool to be able to infect this one w our politics, and this is really wild + surreal + nicki minaj is on the cover + flip to pg 42 [next to the pic of tinashe] to find us bc that’s the meaning of life šŸ’• (at The FADER)

:’) (at Basilica Hudson)

hi basilica hi majical cloudz šŸ‘‹ (at Basilica Hudson)

selfie šŸ˜”

happy birthdays to dan goldberg [the spookfish] and daniel klag [pictured above]! we played a suuuper fun show in dan’s basement tonight, dan and i played our respective sides from our earthbound split cassette released one year ago this week, and the cocoon project’s participatory installation was phenomenal. feeling blessed to have such sweet and nurturing people in this life šŸ’• (at Bohemian Grove)

statues of liberty


gnight 5pointz :’( (at 5 Pointz)

tonight. 7pm. silent barn. twelve performances. twelve debuts. so many new friends. šŸ’• (at The Silent Barn)

big world lil buddha

*production update*


The electricity from power outlets in Europe comes out at 50hz. That frequency resonates at the musical frequency equivalent of an A-note.

In America, power comes out at 60hz and thats a B-note.

Most likely, you are currently surrounded by lightbulbs & all sorts of other electronics plugged into…


lol tbt lol šŸŽ¤ (at Shea Stadium)

that feel when you get home from work and @weekends_baltimore are mid-shred in the community public show space cafe bar theater theatre recreational classroom that you call your *living room* (at The Silent Barn)

thnx andrew mccarthy